March 12, 2011 – Thank You

Thank you all for putting up with my emotional self.  Hopefully I can keep it all in check more often than not.  I did find something that makes me happy – menus and cooking!  Thanks to Yara’s recommendation, I now am using EMealz.  I have a button in my sidebar if you want to see what they are all about.  Basically, they make a menu that coincides with items that are on sale at my supermarket.  The total cost of food for a week of dinners is between $75 and $85.

I did my grocery shopping tonight and I’m pretty darn happy with what I purchased and the menu I have for this week.  I was worried that I would be buying a bunch of processed foods that I don’t normally buy, but that didn’t happen.  They did recommend instant rice but I’m used to plain old rice so I bought regular rice for no added expense.  Same goes for salad.  They recommend bagged salad, but I like to chop my own lettuce and salad stuff.  Although, I did buy some of the bagged salad today because it was on sale for such a good price.

Am I boring you yet?  I can’t help it, I get unusually excited over grocery shopping, budgeting, and cooking.  Damn, I need a life!


One thought on “March 12, 2011 – Thank You

  1. I get excited about this stuff, too. I need to go buy black ink for my printer, I’m way behind on my shopping (okay, I usually do it Sunday)

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