March 11, 2011 – Le Sigh

Today Fish and I were firming up plans for moving.  Deciding what we’re taking, what we need to get rid of, how we’re going to find a rental.  I can’t get into specifics of the events that happened next but basically, we have a wide range of outcomes, none of which we can forecast for sure.

The range of outcomes goes from worst case scenario, we end up homeless, living with my parents with no money.  To the best case scenario that we make our move and live happily ever after with Fish still working from home.  There really is no way to predict which outcome will happen for now.  It’s nearly impossible for me to function not knowing what my future will be, but I have to do it.  One thing good that has come from this turn of events, I now know just how much I want to make this move.  When the idea if it not happening came to the table I felt physically ill and I just wanted to cry.

Fish has made everything else we’ve ever wanted happen to this point and I have a lot of faith in him.  I know he’s going to do his hardest to do what is best for us all.  I’m so very lucky in that respect.


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