February 28, 2011 – Progress

I’m so happy for Clarabelle today.  Clarabelle has been afraid of traveling for a while now.  The idea of getting in the car and going to the grocery store would get her really upset.  She would cry and worry about throwing up.  Over the past few weeks I have noticed that she wasn’t getting as upset when we would get in the car to run quick errands.  This past weekend we were able to visit my parents with no protests.  I was definitely seeing progress.

Today CB came home from school, excited to tell me that on Thursday her class would be taking a school bus to the high school to see a play of Sleeping Beauty.  There were not tears, no worries or fears.   Just pure excitement over the idea of going with her class and having a good time.  Just as it should be.


3 thoughts on “February 28, 2011 – Progress

  1. :::Happy sigh::: How I love a good breakthrough. Great job, CB! And many congrats to you, friend. I know what a huge relief this must be for you. xo

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