February 25, 2011 – True Story

Today I ran over to Rubio’s to get a steak taco.  I love steak.  Anyhow, I paid for my order and the girl at the register said, “Should I put this order under Madge?” (she didn’t say Madge.  She used my real name but, whatever)  I did a double take and then realized she got my name off of my debit card.  I started to laugh and told her that she got me for a second.  She proceeded to tell me a story about another customer.

A man came in, placed an order and she used his name off of his credit card.  He did a double take and asked her how she knew his name.  She told him that you have to be psychic to work at Rubio’s.  He laughed and then walked away confused.  He even came back to tell her that he was visiting from Colorado and he was kind of freaked out that she knew his name.  Finally, as he was leaving she shouted across the room…”By the way, I got your name off of your credit card!!!”  BAHAHAHAHA.


5 thoughts on “February 25, 2011 – True Story

  1. lol

    What a way to amuse yourself at work – freaking people out!

    Now I kinda want to work in fast food just so I could screw with someone that way…it would be sooo fun!

  2. You know what bugs me? When I go *inside* starbucks, order, hand over my debit card, and then they ask my name. Can’t they just look?

    Anyway… psychics @Rubios. Funnay!

    PS how many points is a steak taco?

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