February 24, 2011 – Angry Grades

Clarabelle has been doing really well at school and has been performing well above her grade level.  Some things she takes to right away and doesn’t have to study for.  Like her spelling tests.   She can look at the list on Monday and be ready to spell by Friday with very little effort.  Other things she gets stuck on but I can usually pull her through them, like her times tables.   Then there are other things that she just fails at.

Actually, she doesn’t fail at them.  She tries her best and then gets a passing grade and I’m fine with this.  Yesterday she came home with a “theme test”.  It begins with a story to read and then CB had to answer multiple choice questions related to what was read.  This is not a strong point for CB because she tends to go through things quickly and details are usually lost on her.  I’m working on getting her to slow down and think before answering.  I know this will come in time.

Clarabelle came home with her test that she did pass, but she was upset that it wasn’t a high grade.  I think she was OK with the grade, but she was worried about my reaction to the grade.  I kept assuring her that, as long as she tried her best, I am fine with the grade that she received.  That if she didn’t pass, that will let me know what I need to help her with and there is always more time to fix her overall grade for the year.  She didn’t seem to trust my answer and continued to ask me if I was mad.

Am I supposed to be angry?  I’m pretty sure the answer is NO, but maybe I’m missing something here.


2 thoughts on “February 24, 2011 – Angry Grades

  1. You should only be angry if you want to have kids with ulcers before they’re 11 because they’re so worried about your approval. I think your attitude is right on: as long as they’re trying their best and really earned the grade they got, that’s okay. Grades in elementary really are just markers to tell which areas kids need help in.

    (Grades are another reason I’m thankful we can homeschool!)

  2. Exactly! I’m going to work as hard as I can to assure her that there is NO ANGER on mine or Fish’s part when it comes to grades. EVER.

    I don’t think that homeschool is a fit for CB, but I’m very much excited with the idea of supplementing at home with many different educational activities. I’m happy that CB is really finding a passion for music, science and reading through the activities that we’ve been doing afterschool and on weekends.

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