February 23, 2011 – Siblings

We’ve reached the time in my family’s life that my kids view each other as other humans.  Like, hey sister, you could totally be my friend, maybe I should stop annoying you and actually play with you!  How novel.  I don’t know if my kids are just slower than other kids or maybe the public school they go to isn’t doing all of that SOCIALIZATION that I keep hearing about (har har, I jest) but it’s taken this long.  CB is almost 9, Pix is 5 and Sprite is almost 4.  I guess this is a good enough age to form a true bond with your siblings.

Whatever the case, it has been fun for me to sit back and enjoy the show.  They run in and out of the house with all sorts of plans and games and stories.  Alliances are formed, then forgotten.  Sometimes there are tears, but mostly loud talking (what is UP with that?) and laughter.

The biggest quandary lies on Pix who sometimes finds herself stuck in the middle.  One second Sprite will ask her to play with her playset and dolls, a few moments later CB will enter the room and ask Pix if she wants to go outside and ride scooters.  Pix usually is able to divide her time in a way to make everyone happy, but every once in a while she crumbles and shouts, “I never, ever, ever, have time to myself.”  I know what you mean, kiddo.


8 thoughts on “February 23, 2011 – Siblings

  1. Aww, poor Pix! I understand. I never have time to myself, either.

    My girls have been friends for a while now… but sometimes they fight (I won’t say daily, but I won’t say not daily).
    And yeah… what’s up with the loud?

  2. Maybe I was unfair in my assessment, as they have always been “friends” but I’m sensing a whole new level here. Like the beginning of those stories that they will share when they are adults.

  3. I also LOLed, but not at the socialization remark, which only made me LQTM. I LOLed at Pix shouting about never, ever having time to herself. She’s such a sweetie, it probably never occurs to her to just say, “No, I don’t wanna play dolls OR ride scooters. I just wanna draw BY MYSELF.” I used to mystify my neighborhood friends sometimes when they’d come over to ask me to come out and play, and I’d say, “No thank you, I’m reading a really good book. Maybe another time!”

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  5. Yes, knowing Pix adds a whole new level of amusement. I was going to bring up a Cool Hand Luke quote, but I didn’t know if anyone would know what I was talking about.

  6. Yay for sisters!
    No shame here, my kiddos fight daily. They are fiercely protective of one another and are quick to aid if they know its needed…and they fight over the air they breath and how loud it’s being consumed. Just keepin it real.

    What’s that green stuff the girls are standing on?
    I’m also unfamiliar with this short-sleeve-no-coat concept.
    Spring …where arrre youuu? 😉

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