February 19, 2011- Refrain, Sustain, Maintain

I’m plugging along with the Weight Watchers plan and, frankly, I’m shocked that I’m losing weight.  You see, technically, my body is unable to lose weight.  That’s not true.  I can lose weight, but it’s very difficult.  There may be a time that it’s easier.  That my body will stop being stupid and understand how to process what I eat in an efficient manner.  Until then, I need to be very focused on what I eat.  My two biggest  hurdles are hypoglycemia, which makes it necessary for me to eat at least every two hours and insulin resistance, which is my body’s inability to process sugars properly.  This makes every meal a gamble when you’re trying to lose weight.

I have tried to use Metformin to help with the insulin resistance, but it makes me so sick and tired that I can’t take it on a regular basis.  That means it’s all up to me.  This time around feels very different from all the other times I have decided to lose weight and live healthier.  I don’t feel like I’m trudging through, hoping for this wretched diet to end.  Instead, I look forward to making what I like to eat fit into my menu.  I have been using the word menu because diet has such a negative connotation.  I have definitely changed habits.  When the rest of the family wanted to have fast food the other night (a rare treat), I decided to pass and eat a more WW friendly meal and it didn’t bother me one bit.  I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.  In fact, my palate has changed to crave a lot less fat and more fruits and vegetables.  Hopefully, soon, with the added energy I’m feeling, I’ll warm up to exercising in a regular basis.  Right now I just play with the kids at the park to burn calories.


5 thoughts on “February 19, 2011- Refrain, Sustain, Maintain

  1. Awesome! I’m losing veeeeery slowly too and I’ve been working out (REALLY working out) almost every day for over a month now. Like seriously, the most I’ve skipped workouts is one day. But still…it is slow going. My body has definitely changed (a perfect storm of age, meds and probably a bit of insulin resistance) from the time when I could just up and say “I want to lose 5 lbs…I’m going to exercise every day this week!” and POOF!, I’d be down 5 lbs. just like that. Sigh. But I do feel good about the my even healthier eating (which wasn’t horrible to begin with) and about the daily different forms of exercise (other than just running).
    Let’s keep on keeping on, sistah!

  2. AWESOME! You are inspiring me to change my menu and I’m trying to do it slowly and for the whole family so that everyone gets the benefits.

    Also – I’m not a fan of working out, but I wish I was. I wish I could be all hardcore and run miles and miles each day, but that involves too much work and not just from the running. I don’t feel like I get enough sleep (even though I dont have little ones that get me up often or early) but I still don’t want to sacrifice any for some working out. I have been trying to walk each day (not consistent enough yet) AND do situps/crunches, about 30. They aren’t hard, I worked up to the 30 from nothing so it wasn’t a huge shock to my system, and while I’m not consistent at it, it has already made a difference in that I haven’t lost any weight but I’ve gone down a pants size. 🙂

  3. Yes!! Let’s keep on rockin’! Half of my battle was accepting that this is going to take a while, which makes WW perfect for me. It has nothing to do with not having things that I like. I just have to plan better if I want a treat. Which, I think by my age is necessary anyhow. Stupid metabolism!

  4. I’m so excited to hear this!! I’m just not a worker outer. As I start to lose more and see the benefits of getting more tone, that might change. Right now, I prefer to be active with the kiddos instead. It’s not the same as a workout but it is working for me at the moment.

    Congrats on that pant size!! Doesn’t it feel awesome?

  5. I hope I have a loss at my meeting Saturday morning. First week & all.
    I don’t like working out, but I’ve tried to at least walk more. I even made B walk to our class Sunday, instead of drive. It was actually faster (it’s just across the park) which we thought was funny. Maybe next week I’ll remember my Nike+ shoes to see how many calories I burned during the walk.
    Slow & steady wins the race, right?

    PS you motivated me to get on ww & work to lose weight. Thanks.

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