February 16, 2011 – Brain Mush

This morning I was getting ready and I started to hear a song in my head that I knew was a country song from the 80’s.  I could hear the first few notes that started the song.  It was on the piano.  Unfortunately, every time I tried to remember the song all I could hear was Whitney Houston’s “I’m Saving All My Love For You”, which I knew was wrong.  No matter how many times I started the song in my head, I kept going back to Whitney.

Then, I started to think of who could have possibly sung this song and I started to think, “Who was that cute tiny blonde singer”  Not Dolly Parton.  Melissa?  Something something….Mandrell!  Melissa Mandrell?   No, that’s not right.  Barbara Mandrell!  Only, she didn’t sing the song I’m trying to remember.  Crap!

I decided to take this to Fish.  He knew the first notes I was talking about right off the bat, but we could not get beyond that.  And then!  Fish said, is it Crystal Gayle’s “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue”?????  YES!!!!

I never realized how similar these songs were until now….




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