February 11, 2011 – Passive Aggressive

Any good passive aggressive stories out there?  I have one.  I once dated a boy in high school who’s mom was, how shall we say, extremely uptight.  She didn’t like anyone, besides her own family, in her home.  So, I guess having me visit brought out the crazy in her.  One day I went to the bathroom and as I was washing my hands I noticed a Post It note on the mirror.  On the Post It was a message, not written, but “created” through the use of those rub-on italicized decals (this was before laser jet printers, ha!).  It read, “Please DO NOT use the guest towels.  Use the paper towels provided in the dispenser.  Thank You!” Knowing that nobody else visited this home, I knew that note was for me.

My first reaction was shock.  Then amusement.  Later, I just felt sorry for the poor woman.  I mean, when did she make this note?  The time it must have taken her to rub each one of those letters onto that stupid Post It.  Even worse?  I used the guest towels anyhow.


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