February 3, 2011 – Clarabelle

Happy Girl

I feel like it’s a disservice to Clarabelle that I preface this post with any of the stuff that we have dealt with in the past.  I think mostly because I am so happy and proud of the contrast that she is now.  So, with that in mind, I’m not going to talk about the past, but focus on the present and how happy I am that this kid is in my life.

The girl who wouldn’t touch a book to read for pleasure last year, is now reading The Adventures of Baron Munchausen on my Kindle.  “I don’t care that it’s long and there aren’t any pictures mama, I want to read the story.”  Clarabelle has always had a heart of gold and that remains the same.  She is starting to view her sisters as real people and expresses her delight in the both of them.  “Pixie is really smart isn’t she?”  “I love Sprite’s squishy little tushie”  haha

The laughs!  They are here.  I laugh everyday with CBelle.  The other day we were driving home and we passed a new bakery in town called “Frost My Cake”.  Clarabelle asked me if you make cakes yourself and then they frost them?  I told her it was just a regular bakery with already prepared cakes.  She shouted, “OH!!!  Just like Chili My Bowl!”   Chili My Bowl???  Apparently, this is the name of a restaurant on iCarly.

We now have long conversations and share stories of our day.  There are now interests and secrets that are kept from me, but then shared slowly as she feels comfortable.  Parts of her life that I don’t know about.  This makes me more happy than sad.  My little girl is getting older and finding her own way one little step at a time.



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