February 2, 2011 – Happy Days

Most of today was kind of naggy.  Every time I sat down to do some work (knitting), one of the kids needed me for something.  Mostly help on a computer because they were on a site that was too old for them.  That’s a whole other mess that I need to address later.

By the time we all sat down to dinner I was kind of frazzled.  THEN, my family made me laugh.  Everyone had a joke or a song or a silly noise to share.  Sprite is quite the comic, even though we don’t know what the hell she is talking about.  It’s all about the body language with that one.  Clarabelle told us about her day at school.  Pixie about choked herself giggling about something that Fish was doing.  I love my family and I proved it to them by offering to treat them to ice cream after dinner.  Except, when we pulled up to the drive through window to pay, I realized I had forgotten my purse so Fish treated.  I’m sneaky like that.


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