February 1, 2011 – Dandelions and Rolling Hills

This morning I was working on getting a bunch of old pictures off of my old Mac and uploading them to Flickr (until I find a better place to store them).  The pictures started when Sprite was a baby.  I’m thinking maybe around 6 months or so.  There were so many pictures of the girls.  Days I had forgotten about.  Their little faces even more little.  I found myself sobbing.  It could be hormones, or just sappy ol’ me.  Who knows?  I just knew that I missed those little babies.


And the mess!  Look at that kitchen, ha!

Clarabelle and Pixie were already at school by this time and Sprite was busying herself with another laptop in the living room.  I knew the only way to chase the tears away would be to have some fun with her.  I asked Fish if he wanted to join us for a trip to the park and he jumped at the offer.  So off to the park we went.


Sprite is still a little intimidated by other kids at the park that she doesn’t know so I usually shadow her, as does Fish, but today we did more than just shadow.  We played!


and Played…


Not too much baby left is there?


That’s OK, I’ll look back on these pictures in a few years and probably cry another bucket of tears for this little girl I once knew who chased dandelions and rolled down hills.


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