January 30, 2011 – Ketchup

This week has been a great mail week.  I felt a lot of love from friends all across the country.  First, Audrey received her care package from my friend Tanya and her three girls.  Then a couple of days later Nino sent my girls the cutest little necklace kits with owls, of course!

They love them.


Something funny.  When I was taking pictures of the girls I had asked Sprite to sit still so she did.



So, as if those surprises weren’t enough, Miss Bethany sent Fish some yummy blondies as a thank you for helping her get some music, or something.  I don’t remember.  I was too busy stuffing half a blondie in my mouth to listen.  Totally worth the 2 points (yo, WW!).  Then Fish decided to thank Bethany via Twitter and he made everything all awkward.

Actually, it wasn’t really that awkward, but being the wonderful wife that I am, I decided to make it that way.

Actually, it never really was all that awkward but it was fun razzing Fish.

Speaking of Fish.  Right now he’s busy fixing a tv of ours that has been broken for a few years now.  The color wheel went out on it and we ordered the part, but never installed it.  Thanks to youtube, Fish found a home grown instructional video that a guy made when he installed his color wheel.  Isn’t the internet awesome? I added a link just in case anyone reading this needs to know how to install a color wheel on a DLP television.

You know what else is awesome?  Doing something you’ve never done before with an audience.

Mr. Fix It


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