January 27, 2011 – Food!

I finally broke my latest plateau and lost another 2 pounds this week.  So, I celebrated with food.  Kidding!  I was just busy doing a lot of cooking today.  On the menu today and tomorrow is Oven Fried Chicken and Cabbage Rolls with Pierogis.  Both of these recipes are from Cooking with Faith and they are delicious.

The oven fried chicken, turns out, is really low in points (calories).  The chicken is very moist and juicy, I think, due to the marinade of buttermilk, lemon juice, lemon rind and a special seasoning mix that you make beforehand.  After a day (or overnight) marinating time you bread with bread crumbs and crumbled corn flakes, then bake.  While my chicken baked, I prepared filling for cabbage rolls tomorrow.  The house was smelling pretty tasty by dinner time.

Thank goodness my meal tonight ended up being low in calories because just before dinner Pixie started crying for Circus Animal Cookies.  I told her I would whip her up a batch of oatmeal cookies but she said through her tears that the Circus Animal cookies were her favorite.  Fish broke down and ran out to get her some for after dinner.  Well, they are my favorite too, so I had to partake.

With tomorrow’s dinner mostly prepared and my parents planning on taking the girls for the day tomorrow I should have lots of time to do…laundry.  Such a glamorous life I lead.

While I’m discussing my menu, I have to give a nod to my budget and explain why we don’t shop at Costco anymore.  Short and simple, it breaks our budget any time we shop there.  The amount of items that I buy there anymore is a short list so that doesn’t justify the membership cost.  I have found that whenever something was a good price, half of it would go to waste because we couldn’t eat through it before it went bad.  So I have officially broken up with Costco.


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