January 26, 2011 – Friends

A few weeks ago one of Pix’s classmates had given her 2 silly bandz, which Pix brought home.  She was very excited about her treasures and put them in a special place when she wasn’t playing with them.  Two days later Pix asked if she could take her silly bandz to school with her.  I told her it probably wasn’t a good idea, that they might get lost.  She told me she would be careful and that she really wanted to take them.  Against my better judgment I let her.

When I went to pick Pix up from school she was starting to cry as she came out the classroom door.  She told me she had lost her Silly Bandz.  Normally, they have a cubbie to put their things in, but due to an electrical issue, they were in another room with no cubbies.  Her teacher overheard her and said she would look for them.  Two other classmates heard her and said they would share with her the next day.  That made her feel better.  In the past couple of weeks Pix has been coming home with a Silly Band from a different classmate every few days.  I love the kids in her class so much.

Then!  Today Pix received an envelope in the mail.  It was full of more Silly Bandz from the daughters of a good friend I met online while in a Born in December group.  There was a sweet note that said they had heard that Pix had lost her Silly Bandz and they wanted to share.  How sweet is that???

I think Pix was pleased…


And to confirm this suspicion, as Pixie was sorting through her loot she looked up at me and said, “Mama, you have really nice friends.”


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