January 24, 2011- Paradise

Just when I thought I’d have nothing exciting to share today, we were surprised by a gang of gardeners removing the gigantic Bird of Paradise tree from the front of our kitchen window.  This thing was so huge.  I’m trying to guess it’s measurements but I’m not good at that sort of stuff.  It was great entertainment for Sprite to see it removed and then put through the chipper.  As she was watching she told me, “I don’t want to go in that thing.”  I assured her I didn’t want her to go in it either!

I’m planning on writing about our food budget pretty soon.  We’ve gotten our food budget down to $600 a month.  I think this is a pretty good figure for a family of 5.  This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I’ll be boring you with a lot of mumbo jumbo about prices at our market and coupons I use.  I want to document it somewhere so if you’re into this kind of stuff, lucky you!


2 thoughts on “January 24, 2011- Paradise

  1. I’ll be VERY interested in the food budget thing. We spend *at least* twice that if not more (embarrassing). Need to reel it in. Why is healthy FRESH food so expensive? That’s the bulk of our budget is fruits & veggies. AND MILK.

  2. This will be fun to compare Nino. My biggest factor right now is a lot of stuff from scratch and very little processed food, which I have the feeling you do also. I rarely buy any sort of crackers or snack food any more. Maybe is a CA thing but I actually pump up a lot of our menu with veggies because I can always find at least one veg that is a steal. Like right now cauliflower is all the rage in my house because I was able to get 4 heads for $5 the other day.

    I’ll write more about it, hopefully today.

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