January 22, 2011 – Random

I’m still chugging along with Weight Watchers.  Aside from losing weight, one of my most favorite changes that I’m noticing is the amount of energy I have.  Crazy energy!  I guess this program is really good for my insulin resistance issues because I don’t crash at all any more like I used to.  One of the reasons I decided I needed to get serious with a good eating program for myself is because I cannot tolerate Metformin.  I’m fine the first couple of days of starting it, but by day three all I want to do is sleep.

So here is an example of a typical breakfast…

4 points

This is 4 points.  I get 29 points for the entire day.  This is actually very filling for me and I find it hard to eat it all.  So yay for Weight Watchers.  I’ll be weighing myself tomorrow.

I had to share this picture.

Tea Time

This is Sprite’s Calico Critters play set.  She loves this thing.  I love taking pictures of how she sets up her critters.  It kind of reminds me of Dinner for Schmucks. Ha!


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