January 19, 2011 – Spoiled

When Sonja posted this post on Facebook, it reminded me of something that happened with Pixie recently.  One of Pix’s Christmas presents was a craft project with beads and foam with which she could design key chains and door signs, etc.   She decided to work on a door sign and asked me to help her pull the foam stickers because they were hard to use without tearing.

After choosing a heart, a crown, a jewel, Pix paused to figure out what sticker she wanted to use next.  She pointed one out with a word on it and asked me what the word was.  “Spoiled”  She asked me what that meant.  I told her that if you’re spoiled it means that you get a lot of presents and sometimes you can get so many you don’t appreciate any of them, which could make you spoiled.  Pix asked me why there would be a sticker like that for her to decorate with?  I told her some people like to say they are spoiled because it means that they get lots of things and it makes them feel important.  It was killing me to explain in this context.  I hate using the term “spoiled” as a positive description, but I wanted her to think this one out on her own.  Pix didn’t say anything for quite a while.  I could tell she was thinking about what I told her.  She continued to decorate with other stickers and then she finally said. “Mama, I don’t want to use that sticker.  I think that’s kind of silly to want to be spoiled”

That’s my girl!


3 thoughts on “January 19, 2011 – Spoiled

  1. Pix rocks! She’s a smart one. 🙂

    I’ve always explained “spoiled” to Annalie in the sense of food that’s spoiled, like something has gotten too much of something (e.g., in the case of food, too much air or moisture; in the case of a person, too many presents) and it’s made it go bad. She’s always been pretty clear that spoiled is not something she wants to be, since I compare it to moldy food!

  2. Woo! Go, Pix!

    And Bethany’s answer reminded me of my grandma’s comment when people would refer to me as spoiled (who these people were or WTF they said such a thing, I have no memory of, I assume it was in silliness) and my grandma would sniff me and say, “She doesn’t SMELL rotten.”

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