January 11, 2011 – Adult Entertainment

I’ve always kind of liked John Lithgow.  I never sought out his movies or shows, but if they were on I would be drawn in and thoroughly entertained.  Then, when he appeared in a season of Dexter, I thought he was brilliant.  Fish and I both enjoyed that season and his acting very much.

This past weekend Fish read in the paper that John Lithgow is performing a one man show in Los Angeles and decided we were due for some adult entertainment.  I called my mom to make sure she could watch the kids and Fish ordered the tickets.  I’m really looking forward going on a date with my Princess (Fish’s REAL nickname around the house) (no, really).


2 thoughts on “January 11, 2011 – Adult Entertainment

  1. Princess hehehe

    John Lithgow is great – I loved him in 3rd Rock from the Sun and was so excited to see him show up in Dexter.

    Dexter’s 4th season finale peeved me so very much. Season 5 is helping me recover, though I’m still peeved.

    I’m excited to hear about date night.

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