January 10, 2011 – Growing


This morning was Pix’s last morning in her old crib.  When Pix started getting in and out of her crib we just took off one of the sides so she could get in and out without getting hurt.  Later when we moved the girls all into one room, everyone fit better with Pix and Sprite still in their cribs (with the sides removed)

Pix has grown a lot in the past few months and I started to notice that she was getting kind of smooshed in her bed.  Fish and I were hoping to hold off on buying a bed until we moved but it was becoming very apparent that we needed to get Pix into a larger bed ASAP.  We had Clarabelle’s bed stored, and even though it’s not my favorite bed, it is a lot more comfy than Pix’s current bed.

I was looking at my old blog to find a picture of what it looked like when CB was using it.  What struck me more than anything in that post was how freakin’ quiet that room looked back then, before her two sisters came into this world.

Jen’s Space

I’ll be sure to get some pictures of Pix in her new bed soon.  It was such a busy day I didn’t get a chance after she came home from school, BUT she did sit in it for 2 hours straight when she came home.


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