January 7, 2011 Shut Your Piehole

On Christmas Day my mom was rather, how should I say, tense?  On edge?  Touchy?  She seemed on the verge of getting really mad about something at any second.  I don’t know what was the cause.  Whether I had something to do with it, or if it was related to some other information that I knew nothing about.  It could have been anything, my mom can be very complex with her emotions and I’ve never been able to completely crack her code.  She comes off as this very strong “take it or leave it” type person, but I think she is actually a lot more fragile than I want to admit.

We spent our visit sharing gifts and eating tamales, ham and a lot of other yummy treats.  My mom’s mood was an uncomfortable undertone.  Nothing glaring or in your face.  Just a look here or there that made me want to shout, “What the heck is wrong with you?” but I never did.  My fatal error that day though, was to question her choice of dessert that she served to us in the late afternoon.

If I can describe it.  It was a red velvet cake, no a pie, no a cake.  I don’t know what the hell it was.  It was like a cake poured into a pie crust with two layers of cake, frosting in between the two layers and topped with a bunch of whipped cream and some sort of white chocolate shavings.  Oh, here’s a picture.

I asked my mom, “Hey mom, is this a cake or a pie?”  Her feathers were thoroughly ruffled as she tersely answered, “It’s a red velvet cake!”  I replied, “but it’s in a pie crust.”  I didn’t add that the “red velvet” had turned a strange plum color.  I thought that was better left unsaid because I had already made her upset.  She stopped talking to me and just told me to eat it or toss it, she didn’t care.


A few days later her and my father came over for a visit and she was in a much better mood.  I decided to ask her, what was up with her pie cake?  She, FINALLY, started to laugh about the whole incident and told me that she thought I was making fun of her and her dessert.  I told her I definitely wasn’t making fun of HER but that dessert was ridiculous.  I didn’t add that it tasted like butt.  I wanted to keep her in a good mood 😛


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