January 6, 2011 Rant

I just saw the most condescending and insulting commercial ever.  Bayer Aspirin, you really blew it on this one.  Here’s the commercial.

Man is on an international flight to or from what looks like Japan.  He’s sighing and holding his back and saying, “Oh my back”.  The Asian flight attendant walks up the aisle and asks if she can help and he shows her a page in a booklet that says BACK PAIN along with a picture and a translation for her and he says, “I have back pain”.  She hands him aspirin and he says, “Oh no, I’m not having a heart attack.” stands up and points to his lower back.  And she chuckles and says, “Don’t worry Bayer Aspirin is good for all types of pain” or something to that effect.  Then the voice over comes on explaining that Aspirin works on all sorts of pain, it’s not just a heart healthy medicine.  THEN, it ends with the back pain guy leaving the plane and saying, “Thanks for the tip!”  WHAT THE HELL???  Like this 40 something year old man never knew that aspirin was for pain???

I might be reading into things here, but it also had the feeling of “oh you stupid American, let me school you on your over the counter drugs”.  I’ve never had such a reaction to a commercial, but this one was so condescending and had so many layers of awful to it.

I understand that Bayer has been really pushing the heart healthy angle and maybe they feel they have been overshadowing the pain management properties of their product but I think they failed miserably in this attempt to remind us.  Honestly, I think I might avoid Bayer products from now on.


3 thoughts on “January 6, 2011 Rant

  1. Dude… I think you need try some yoga or something. A Bayer commercial just isn’t worth getting this angry about (hey, if you start having chest pains… take an aspirin).

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