January 3, 2011 The Day of Random

It looks like a slow day round these parts so I thought I’d share a story with you.  After, I ask for some good happy vibes for Clarabelle.  She’s had a tough time of it the past few days, anticipating returning to school.  Tears and sadness.  I totally get her because I would get THE WORST Sunday night blues as a kid.  So badly that my parents would medicate me with The Jeffersons and let me stay up an hour past my bedtime to watch them.  CBelle’s medication of choice looks to be America’s Funniest Home videos and with the marvels of modern technology I have about 20 episodes of that mofo stored on the DVR.  Sadness be gone!

This morning CBelle put on a brave face and walked into her classroom this morning.  Luckily, she has an awesome teacher.  I know that they’ll be working on lots of great tasks to keep the blues away.  Did I mention that CBelle has been self teaching herself to play music on the piano?  She has music once a week in school and I think that exposure has been good for her to get familiar with the keyboard.  Nowadays she can hear a song on the radio and play it on the piano.  A very basic version of course, but she’s nailing every one she attempts.  I think it’s pretty damn awesome.

ANYHOW, just keep her in your thoughts this week.

Now, the story.  When I was a kid I would help my dad clean up the front yard every weekend.  He would mow and edge and I would sweep up all the clippings to the front of the driveway where he would hose them into the gutter.  Hose them into the gutter, how wasteful!  It was the 70’s we were foot loose and fancy free with the environment.

Without fail, once our yard was all clean and pretty, an old gypsy woman from the neighborhood would come by walking her little dog and let him crap on our lawn.  One day we were outside, finishing up the yard, and the woman came by with her dog and let him crap on the lawn, right in front of us!  My dad completely lost it.  He ran to the porch, grabbed a rolled up newspaper and chased after the lady, telling her that he was sick of her letting her dog crap on our lawn.  She whipped around stuck out her hand and put a curse on him.  A curse!  My dad just shook his head and took me inside the house.

A few days passed and my mom ended up in bed with severe back pain that lasted over two weeks.  BUT!  That woman never came by letting her dog crap on our lawn again.


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