Goodbye Christmas

Goodbye Christmas

It’s time to say goodbye to Christmas and hello to this wonderful New Year.
Goodbye Christmas

2010 hasn’t been too bad.  Lots of changes for Fish and I.  He with his braces me, with my BOOBS.  It’s been a while since I’ve said that, bet you were missing it huh?

Goodbye Christmas

Lots of plans for this year.  We’re doing a lot of downsizing in the next few months.  Lots of de-cluttering and such.  If you’re in SoCal and you need some free furniture, including a wide screen TV (FOR FREE!!!) please let me know.  I need as much space as I can get to hold all the boxes I plan to pack in the next few months.


Here’s to a great year!


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Christmas

  1. Very, very excited for ya! I just got a brand spankin’ new Honda Accord that will be great on trips to the east!

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