Happy Birthday

Fifth Birthday

Pix had such a wonderful day.  I was so happy to see her go to bed tonight with a big grin on her face, hugging a stuffed animal that my parents got her.

I never really plan parties for the kids.  I get the pretty plates and the balloons and set the kitchen up in a way that it looks like a party, but we never send out invitations or anything.  I usually call friends and family a few weeks ahead and let them know the day is an open house and feel free to come by and enjoy some birthday cake.

Pink Kitty

Pix’s birthday is especially difficult to plan for because it falls just 5 days after Christmas and it’s the day before New Year’s Eve.  I don’t feel too badly though because she’ll have a lifetime of pretty awesome partying when she gets older.

My parents came by today and Brenda was also able to visit with Bug and her mom. Pix was so happy to see her friends again.  It was the perfect day with friends, family and happy kids.

I’m counting on Brenda to have some great pictures from the day.  I admit, I always kind of slack off with photographing when she’s around because I can always count on her to take some great pics!


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