Seven Days, Day ONE

I’m participating in the 7 Days Flickr group.  Today is the second day of a forecast of a week of rain.  I love it!  I had one plan for today, but thought that it would be better suited for tomorrow’s theme of bright.  I decided to take a picture of a craft that I did with the kids today.  Cbelle came home with a craft she had done at school yesterday.  I didn’t know the correct name for it but after a lot of searching online came up with the name Paper Pricking or Pin Pricking.  It’s really hard to find patterns or templates online.  Maybe it’s really easy and I’m just searching incorrectly, but I was able to come up with a few good patterns and the girls all enjoyed using them.  Cbelle is a machine, she can get one sheet done in no time flat.  I’ll have to take pictures of them.

Here is one of my sheets that I turned into a frame for the 7 Days project…

I also wrapped a banded pattern around one of my candles to create a really pretty luminary.  I’ll need to take a picture of that also.

I’m off to work on my special secret project for tomorrow 🙂


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