Fish and I did the majority of our Christmas shopping for the girls today.  Shopping for three kids is a lot more expensive than I thought it would be.  Actually, I was fully prepared but seeing it in black and white on a receipt made me gulp a little.  Something I found annoying at Toys R Us is that you can’t see your purchases adding up on the screen, that isn’t facing us as the items are being rung up.  Instead I can see them one at a time on the touchpad payment thing in front of me.  They don’t even tally up sale prices until the very end.  I blame this for the fact that we weren’t charged for one of our items.

When we got to the car Fish asked me if they discounted the Calico Pet family that we bought.  If you buy $100 worth of Calico Pet items, you get a family for free.  I groaned and told him that I didn’t see a discount, but then! I scanned the whole receipt and I couldn’t see the $80 charge for the playhouse we bought.  We didn’t have the time to go back and pay because it was getting close to time for Clarabelle to come home from school.

I wonder if there is any way that they would take a payment over the phone?  I hate the idea of going back there this weekend when it’s crowded.  Would it be bad to wait until after the holidays to pay them?

Edited to add:  The numbers I wrote were a little confusing.  We had purchased the Townhouse ($80 that we weren’t charged for),  kitchen set ($25) and a family set ($20).


8 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. What saves you more money? Not paying the $80 or paying for the family?

    Or do you get the family after the fact? Sorry, not familiar with the Calico Pet items.

    Anyways, it is their fault for not ringing you up properly so it might be dishonest but if I saved more money not going back and paying for the $80 playhouse I probably wouldn’t go back. Toys “R” Us is a mad house even when it isn’t Christmas season and if I don’t have to go there I won’t.

  2. The family is just $20 so on the honesty scale I need to go back and pay the difference, haha! I just hate the idea of going back there. Today was my deadline for that store because from this weekend on it will be nasty there 😛 Oh, we also bought the kitchen set that is $25 so that made the $100 total for the free family. Have I confused you enough yet? What a headache!

  3. So you paid $20 for the family and $25 for the kitchen set – $45

    But you want to go back and pay $80 to get the $20 set for free so you just pay $60 PLUS the $25 for the kitchen – $85

    Yeah, I wouldn’t go back and save me $40…. I feel really dishonest now.

    I’m not a bad person, I swear!

  4. Yeah, I need to basically go back and pay the difference after the credit. It’s really tempting to just let it go, but at the same time, I really believe in karma, KWIM?

  5. Whether or not I’d go back would depend largely on the sort of treatment I got when I shopped. Were they nice? Did the cashier make EYE CONTACT or did she stare of into space in a bout of mankind-hating daydreaming? Did she ask me how I was doing and comment on the weather (my hair, my purse, The Holidays, current political and/or economic events… etc.) or did she just chew her gum antisocially? Was my stuff bagged in an appropriately sized bag or lovelessly dropped into an oversized sack Santa would be envious of? Was parking or finding a clean cart a hassle?

    Sounds a wee bit unreasonable, I know. I’m an online shopper for a reason, I guess. 🙂

  6. Sometimes you have to pay for your mistakes… Actually I am still feeling guilty about a time I didn’t comment when I exchanged money and the travel agent counted out what he thought were pound – punt – notes. They were fives…

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