The Acorn Shop

Yesterday I was terribly grizzly.  Grizzly enough to be embarrassed about my behavior, a day later.  The thing is, I was tired.  I wasn’t even so much physically tired.  I was mentally tired.  I have a lot of stresses related to work and deadlines, but that really isn’t an excuse. Right now Clarabelle and Pixie are enjoying a 4 day weekend for Veteran’s day.  With them both home, along with Sprite, I have to get used to the never ending requests for help and meals, and an occasional butt wipe.  This is fine, I’m used to it.

THE PROBLEM and the reason why I was so grizzly is that Fish has been busy with work and then getting busy with other work, to the point that he is at the computer from sun up to sun down and I’m stuck being the primary care giver from the moment the kids wake up to the moment they go to bed.  Once they are in bed I have my business to run and there just isn’t any down time for me.  Fish can stop what he is doing around 6 and take over so I can decompress.  If I don’t remind him to do so, he won’t.  I can’t blame him, sometimes it can be kind of hairy around here, and hiding in a corner with my computer would be my first choice also, heh.

I have to say, Fish helps me a lot during the day.  With him around, I’m able to run quick errands without the kids and also, occasionally, meet friends for lunch.  While, I have to acknowledge this help, I’m still spending a lot more hours than him dealing with all the things the kids need.  The whole eating issue with Sprite has magnified these responsibilities also.  Basically, I’m done.  The white flag is up.  Fish and I had a long discussion about what I need, so that we can fix the situation.  We came to the conclusion that I have to stop being in charge at 6 p.m.  I need him to field all the requests that the kids have and also take care of baths.  While he’s doing this I can start working and getting ahead on all of the orders I need to fill.

I am completely off topic from what I want to write about.  Oh well!  What I wanted to share was that since I was such a beast yesterday and feeling so much better about everything today, I wanted to make it all up to the kids and have some fun with them today.  It is so much easier to do this, knowing that there will be time in the evening where I can stop running the show.  We decided to go to the school and run around collecting acorns.  We had so much fun!  It was like an Easter Egg hunt.  I decided to up the game and tell the girls that when we got home they could trade their acorns for prizes!!  I had a lot of dollar items that I had collected for eating therapy that I decided not to do with Sprite (I’ll have to share that another day).  They were very excited over the idea of prizes.  We wrapped up all our fun at the school by swinging on the swings.  Nothing chases the blues away like a good swing!

We came home and Clarabelle kept the girls busy while I set up The Acorn Shop.  Most of the items cost 2 acorns a piece.  The chocolate (which was actually their own Halloween candy, SSSSHHH!) cost 3 acorns.  Surprisingly, the girls focused more on the toys than the chocolate.  I let them take a complimentary Hello Kitty bag for their purchases.

The Acorn Shop

I’m glad that Fish and I had a chance to iron things out and I’m glad it meant that the girls and I could have fun together today.


4 thoughts on “The Acorn Shop

  1. You are a genious with the game idea.

    It is really hard to be able to juggle kids needs and personal needs, then we have to go and toss on work…ugh. The guilt!

    Yay for you and Fish switching parent/work gears – I think that is a great idea!

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