Lane Change

I decided not to write about any of the kids’ ISSUES for a while because, while all these situations are very real and have nothing to do with me or anything I’ve done, I’m feeling a bit weird about it all.  I was joking with a friend earlier today and I told her that my blog is turning into the non professional medical journal.  If I didn’t know me from anyone else I would maybe think that I was a bit munchausen by proxy-ish. heh.

The fact of the matter is that there is a lot more going on over here.  I just happen to stew about these issues at the end of the day and that is when I check in here to write.  Also, I feel like I should point out that my kids are very much “normal”.  I hope I’m not painting a bad picture of my monkeys, because they really are so wonderful in many ways.  Maybe I should focus more on MOVING stuff.  So much moving stuff.  How about the fact that I was approached by someone today who wanted to know if I still watch babies?  I was a little surprised at first, but then started to think about the whole idea.  Do I dare do that again?  Steady money and  I wouldn’t have to work at night any more.  What to do???

So moving!  We are moving, moving, moving.  Any advice on moving with a cat?  Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming either.  I looked into air transporting but that costs like a thousand dollars!  No way Josie!  Fish and I are starting to plan how to downsize this home as we live in it and start boxing up things that we know we’ll never use in this house ever again.  Like, decorations.  SOB.  I put away the Halloween decorations and shed a little tear for our neighborhood that does Halloween so well.  They really do know how to do it right.  Starting out with Boo-ing each other.  The night of Halloween is lots of fun with lots of people outside throughout the neighborhood sitting around fires while passing out hot apple cider, sodas and chili. This last Halloween, as we walked with the girls I started to feel a little sad knowing this was our last here.

We’re in the phase of the “lasts” and it hasn’t quite hit me square just yet.  I’m just trying to balance in the moment with what is to be.  It’s kind of a wild ride.


7 thoughts on “Lane Change

  1. (Dang. I’m here for the kid issues. And the boob talk. Hahaha.)
    Just consider yourself the ambassador of booing and passing out sodas for Halloween in your new neighborhood. You’ll just have to do some converting. 🙂

  2. Dude, you’re moving to the South! The land famous for its hospitality! I bet you’ll find plenty of boo-ready neighbors wherever you end up. 🙂

    Also, um, we’ve moved with TWO cats a half-dozen times or more. If you want details and tips, let me know!

  3. I suggest next fall–say, Octoberish, when it’s not stinking hot and the fall colors are out–as the perfect time for a family vacation to the East coast! You will have free accommodations in DC and NC.

  4. I aggree with Sonja – make sure the new neighborhood knows how to do Halloween!

    As for moving with a cat – how are you guys planning to move? Are you having a moving company move all your stuff and your vehicle and taking a plane? Or are you driving cross country? Driving will take longer, probably cost just as much, but leaves open the option for some sightseeing along the way. My cousin just moved from HI to Virginia and after flying into California they took a train to Utah to visit family, drove to New Mexico and Arizona to visit family, back to Utah, then road tripped it from there to Virginia and got to see some fun things along the way. If you drive, kitty could ride with you. If he/she handles rides well it can just be out of a kennel, if not, then in a kennel and a vet can even get you some sedatives to help if kitty is too nervous.

    I moved from New Mexico to Oregon with 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 fish, and 1 snake; not to mention my 3 brothers. It was probably harder on my parents than me (I was 13), but it was doable.

    Oh yeah, take Bethany’s tips – and don’t mind my rambling, I got into the wine…

  5. Cat-box, carrier, food, water, and towels. All things that take up room that you don’t have to spare.

    Luckily Shawn took one dog, so I only have two to move, though one is the size of two. Plus three cats.

    I’m going to have to rent a vehicle to drive North in just to transport the animals. Ugh.

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