No News is Goo……

Fish and I took Sprite to the doctor today.  She was an adorable angel in the waiting room.  Really.  I don’t give Sprite enough credit because she’s such a, well, Sprite.  She does have a lot of great moments where she is one of the cutest little dolls on earth and I just want to kiss and hold her forever.  We were enjoying one of those moments in the waiting room, all was right with the world.

Then it was time for her appointment and all hell broke loose.

“I don’t want to stand on the KALE (scale)!!!”

“NO NO NO!!  Don’t take my koos off (shoes off)!!!”

“I don’t want to see the doc-tour!”

We got her to read a book while we waited for the doctor.  She was back to angel mode until the doctor walked in the door and it was a lot more of no no and blah blah and WHATEVER KID IF YOU WOULD JUST EAT A FREAKING PEA YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE SO ZIP IT!!!!! whew.  I’m at my limit, for reals.

Calming breath.  So!  The doctor said to continue what we are doing.  Serve a meal with her cup of milk and that is that.  No discussion, no threats, no nothing.  Three meals, three cups of milk, water/juice in between.  EXACTLY WHAT WE’VE BEEN DOING.  I felt like giving the doc the big “DUUUUUH!” but that’s not what I was there for.  I just wanted to make sure we weren’t missing something.  I needed a professional opinion and I got it.  My worst fear was this goes on for another 2 months and I go in desperate and they say, “what were you thinking, you should have been here months ago!”

So, I’m done.  We aren’t discussing this any more in my home.  It is what it is.  I will most likely bitch about it daily on Twitter and here, so bear with me.  It’s so frustrating, but as long as she’s not losing weight and her activity levels stay the same, we’re doing alright.

The one upside to all this liquid dieting?  Sprite has potty trained herself to pee only in the toilet.  She’s now trying to work up the courage to poo in the potty.  Maybe I can focus on that…..although we have minimal poo nowadays.  I think this is the master plan to drive me crazy.  Well, IT’S WORKING, you can lay off now.


10 thoughts on “No News is Goo……

  1. Do calming breaths all you want and moan, whine, bitch, whatever you need on here or Twitter. We all need outlets for our feelings – good and bad.

    When the professional opinion matches your own it is relieving and frustrating – yay I do good/well duh, now what – good luck!

    Sorry I got nothing better…

  2. Ohhhh, it’s so hard to step back as a parent and let things “…unfold as they should…” (Desiderata) but sometimes that’s ALL we can do. You know I went through that with the trichotillomania with Nat. You give them the tools and step away. Even though what I really wanted to do was hold vigil 24/7 and sit on her hands so she wouldn’t pull. Sigh. Or hold her and stroke her little hair and put my hands over her eyes (this is what made the therapist cry…remember how proud I was of that? LOL). There’s freedom and peace in acceptance and letting go. As long as you know you’re doing all that you can for her, it will be OK. This too shall pass, huh? Love & hugs to you both!

  3. Are they sure it’s not an obstruction or anything? When you said she started vomiting liquids, I felt alarmed. I am NOT a medical professional, but I think I’d keep looking at this point until I knew for sure it was a behavioral thing. And then I might even keep looking into behavioral issues – my friends son qualified for feeding therapy because of how little he refused to eat (he’s diagnosed with aspergers so there are other issues as well).

    I hope I’m not stepping on your toes or saying anything upsetting. (((hugs))

  4. Definitely not stepping on my toes! In fact, the reason I decided to take her to the doctor was my fear of some sort of obstruction. We’re totally on the same page. I brought this worry up and the doctor checked her stomach and said that if she’s not complaining of pain and she is having bowel movements that she can almost certainly rule out an obstruction. She does want us to return in 2 weeks though. I think the vomiting was from a 24 hour bug, it stopped. This kid is getting it from all angles!

    I’ve been considering seeing an OT therapist and getting their opinion on whether or not we need to work on this. Sprite is just starting to show signs of OCD, like Clarabelle did at the same age. She was starting a lot of rituals and habits, right about the time this started. I have to figure out if she is going going down the same road as her sister, or if she is just being THREE.

  5. Oh, I’m glad they checked for an obstruction. That is really helpful. I’ve known so many doctors who, for lack of time, tend to not really look into issues, that I was afraid they just assumed it was behavioral. I’m all jaded. LOL

    In that case, I think I might try sneaking some nutrients into her milk. Broth maybe? do you think she’d go for that? Cause my kids sure wouldn’t. LOL They can sense one drop of herbs in an entire glass of juice, I swear. But I’d do all I could to add stuff in where she could so that her little body suffers less while this matter is handled in whichever way it is handled (by herself or outward help).


  6. I actually chose the nurse practitioner over the doctor because she is always so much more thorough. She takes time for lots of questions and answers.

    I’m working on the milk. She doesn’t like any fruit in it, but I have been sneaking powdered milk into it and her bowels have been more productive, which makes me think she’s getting more nutrients. GAH! It’s come to poop talk. Why does it always go there? hahaha

    I think I could get her to drink carrot juice in her apple juice. I’ll have to try that.

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