Oh, Sprite

Sprite is sick.  She hasn’t eaten a bite of food in 3 weeks now.  This morning she woke up vomiting.  All the liquids she’s been relying on for the past 3 weeks can’t be kept down.  She looks like hell.  Fish and I are taking her to the doc tomorrow.  I need some answers, hopefully the doctor can provide us with something.

I wish I could make everything all better, but I can’t.  I’d love to be sharing how fun our Halloween was and how adorable Sprite was as she charmed everyone to give her lots of candy but my mind is way too preoccupied for that.  Keep my devilish grinned Sprite in your thoughts tonight!


4 thoughts on “Oh, Sprite

  1. Will be definitely keeping Sprite in my thoughts! Hope she gets better very soon!

    Also, thanks for keeping us updated on her hunger strike – been thinking of her over the weekend and was wondering how she was holding out.

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