I’m Glad I Spent It With You

Sun breaking through the clouds on a crisp morning, we are out shopping for the perfect birthday card for your classmate.   You choose the one with the monster truck that has bright red flames all over.  That is the kind of card that boys like.  Giggling up and down the escalator.  Nimble hops off and on.  Grinning from ear to ear.  It’s always the simple things with you.

Early to the party place.  A big castle you’ve never seen before.  You timidly walk through the front door and stop.  Letting all the sounds and smells come over you.  This is so very new, but exciting.  We find your friend, the birthday boy.  He smiles with delight and waves hello.  You burrow your face into my hip and peek out with one eye, give a small wave of recognition.  I greet your friend’s dad and he tells me that all the games are free to play.  You choose all the vehicle racing games.  Cars, motorcycles, even a snowmobile!

Time to play some mini golf, or in our case, golf/hockey.  I think if the goal was to swing at the golf ball thousands of times, you’d win the prize.  I commend you on your effort.

Time to eat!  Pizza 🙂  I accidentally pour you root beer.  Sorry, I know it’s not your favorite.  Thanks for not giving me a hard time about that.  At least it has bubbles and sugar right?  We share a slice of cake.  That was yummy, I think you ate more than me.  Stinker.

Time to say goodbye to the birthday boy.  Almost a hug.  Look!  Smiles and giggles for your friends.  Way to warm up kiddo.  I knew you had it in you.  Your friend’s mom gives you a handful of tokens and we spend them on the fun games that give you tickets.  That sure was a lot of tickets.  Prizes!  I want that and That and THAT!  These two are for my sissies.

Back out in the fresh air again, whew.  Walking to the car, “Mama, I had a lot of fun with you.  I love you.”  I love you too, Pix.


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