Food Strike 2010

Sprite’s aversion to food has become ridiculous and now I’m starting to panic, just a little.  I know I need to change my strategy.  She looks like hell today.  Sallow complexion, dark circles under her eyes.  She’s lost 2-3 pounds.

The past two weeks I’ve been putting her meals in front of her and giving her a cup of milk with each meal.  I knew she wouldn’t eat the food, but felt comfort in the fact that she would get nutrition from the milk.  Now we are both relying on this and if I don’t make a stand, then she will continue to drink her way through meals.  SO, today Sprite is only getting water in her cup during meals and in between.

I am fearful that this will cause her condition to worsen, but I also think it’s one of those things that needs to get worse before it gets better.  I feel I need to clarify that at this point I think that Sprite is still very healthy.  She is well hydrated and well within her normal weight range.  We just need to get through this phase.

If anyone reading this has gone through the same thing, or if you have any suggestions, please share!  Her reason for not eating is that she is afraid it will hurt her throat.  Two weeks ago she choked on a piece of steak and hasn’t eaten since.  Kids!


8 thoughts on “Food Strike 2010

  1. Also have a hunger striker on my hands – we are probably too dependent on milk, in fact bottles, even though she’s near three. Yes, I feel terrible but – well… Just a thought – if she’s worrying about chewing and textures, what about pureeing stuff with her so she knows it’s ‘safe’. Or lots of soups? Cuppasoup – in a cup, so might be a drink? Or crap – cakes, crisps, tho’ she sounds resistant to temptation, good girl! Good luck – really feel for you…

  2. Jen, why not start with the milk but add stuff to it, make it into an egg flip. Then move up from there. Vege soup with really soft veges or even puree. Mashed potato…things like that.
    I hope she ends the hunger strike soon.
    Funny how one moment can scare kids into giving up something that they have been doing for years without incident.

  3. Awww, poor Sprite! I can understand how choking on the steak would have scared her into not wanting to eat. I think everyone who’s commented has some good ideas…maybe try some foods that are easy to swallow, to start with. Maybe smoothies? Does she drink those? You can put tofu, yogurt, fruit, spinach, peanut butter, and protein powder in smoothies. I would keep offering her regular food too, though. One of these days she’ll forget her hunger strike and eat.

    Food strikes are so tricky, because you really CAN’T make kids eat foods they don’t want to eat. Maybe talk to her about making sure she takes small bites and chews well, but then keep the pressure off, give her regular food, but offer yummy smoothies or shakes or soup, too.

    I guess in addition to the patterns/routines thing, Sprite is also developing some fears. Poor baby. I hope she eats soon, for both your sakes!

  4. Thank you everyone!!! I was so in the thick of it that I couldn’t see the forest from the trees. The idea of the milk smoothies is great. I think I could even add some pureed sweet potatoes and eventually lead up to some soups. Right now if there is liquid in a spoon she thinks of it as food to swallow and she’s not having any of that.

    I think my baby is just having a hard time with some stuff right now. She’s been trying to potty train and I think the transition both excites and scares the crap out of her (no pun intended, har har har).

    Thanks for listening to my craziness. You’d think by kid three I would know what I was doing!

  5. Ooh, I wonder if she’s smart enough to have made the connection between eating solid food and pooping? Or if she somehow accidentally stumbled onto it by not eating for a few days, and then not pooping anymore, and if that’s what’s keeping her striking too? I know some kids really have issues with potty training when it comes to poop.

    Annalie eats applesauce and yogurt with a straw, for what it’s worth. They’re both totally drinkable. 🙂 Even more so if you mix the applesauce and yogurt together!

    Oh, and do you mean to tell me that I’m expected to have more of an idea of what I’m doing with Kid #2!? Aw, damn.

  6. When I was in 4th or 5th grade I choked on a piece of steak, which required the heimlich, I was a vegetarian for at least a year after that.

    A few other things to add to her smoothies:
    Frozen blueberries- no seeds to chew.
    Benefiber- no taste. I put it in lots of things.
    Ovaltine- I like to mix it with the bananas
    Even giving her Smilfast or Carnation instant breakfast will give her extra vitamins.

  7. When she’s ready for more textures you can add frozen raspberries and such to the smoothies. Or chocolate chips.

    Also frozen raspberries become really soft pretty fast once they are in your mouth. So maybe they’d make a good first food.

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