I’m a planner.  If something is in the future, no matter how far ahead, I need to plan for it.  If I’m meeting friends at a new restaurant I will google the heck out of where I’m meeting them.  I’ll read online reviews and dress code and try and find pictures to figure out the ambiance.  I NEED TO KNOW.

One of the reasons that I was OK with the idea of moving in 2012 was that all three girls would have attended the same preschool and Pix would have a year of Kindergarten under her belt.  I’m very attached to our school and preschool.  They are on the same site (the preschool is an inclusive program for special needs children to interact with “typical” children) and right across the street from our home.

I’ve been starting to look for a preschool for Sprite and an elementary school for Clarabelle and Pixie in the areas that we are hoping to move to.  It’s freaking me out.  Today I had a mild panic attack while going through all of the websites to these potential schools.  I think my biggest problem is that I’m throwing in all of the angst I had during my elementary school years as a child.  That was a tough time for me.  I was very much like Clarabelle with anxiety and worries, but unlike her, I kept it all inside.  There would be a flurry of activity around me while I stood frozen, dying inside.  Completely enveloped in fear.

I don’t want to cause my kids any stress, but I know we’ll have to go through the fire and adjust to new.  I also know that the new can be even better than what he have now.  When I was in 3rd grade my family moved to a new area and I was so afraid to go to a new school, but the new school ended up being even better.   I made wonderful friends at that new school and became so close to one of my teachers that I kept in touch with her well into my 20’s.  I need to keep reminding myself of these success stories and stop being so negative.  Don’t I?


2 thoughts on “Schooling

  1. I think that would be an excellent start. 🙂 I’ll share my happy-changing-schools experience with you, just to give you one more positive thing to dwell on:

    I changed schools in 4th grade, and it was a hugely positive thing for me. At my old school, I was shy and introverted and I hated anyone looking at me or singling me out. At my new school, I made friends with a super outgoing girl who taught me it was okay to be silly and speak my mind, and I had awesome teachers who loved me and challenged me just enough to keep me on my toes.

    Repeat after me: it’ll all be OKAY!

  2. Being the new kid can do amazing things to personalities. Adam has also become more outgoing this year (which I never would have thought possible – I don’t think he has ever been shy).

    When I moved in 8th grade from New Mexico to Oregon I was the cool kid that came from a foriegn country – yeah, even in 8th grade I met people that didn’t know NM was a state (still do meet adults too. Many conversations about where I’m from are met with “How do you like living in the US?”)

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