Anyone want to tackle a problem I’m dealing with right now?  I’m at a loss.  Miss Sprite is on some sort of bizarro food strike.  She will ONLY lick her food and then leave it on her plate.  Nothing gets chewed and swallowed.  Even candy and ice cream!  I know this because I thought I would trick her with yummy nummy candy.  I thought if she chewed and swallowed the sweets then I would break the Code Of Lick.  Who wouldn’t want to chew that up right?  The ice cream?   She tried to lick it but realized that licking ice cream meant swallowing ice cream so she refused to touch it.

What the hell kind of freaky phase is this?  I’m honestly not worried about her health.  She IS enjoying milk and I’m limiting her milk consumption to 3 glasses a day so as not to disrupt her vitamin absorption.  She’ll also drink “juice” which is a cup full of water with a splash of apple juice.  It’s just kind of annoying to prepare a meal and watch the food get wasted in such a way.

Fish and I aren’t showing any reaction to Sprite with this.  We understand it could be some sort of attention attempt.  SO!  What would you do?  Have you gone through any nutty phases like this?


4 thoughts on “Hmmmm???

  1. Well…I was an extremely picky eater all through childhood. My mom says I survived mainly on Cheerios, milk, and PB&Js till I was about 6! And I turned out okay, and even eventually grew to love a variety of veggies and fruits.

    I would guess that it’s fairly normal for kids Sprite’s age to go through food strikes like this occasionally, trying to control their environment and such. And if she’s getting some nutrients and calories in the form of milk, that’s good because she’s not starving. I would say, as long as you’re not worried about her health, continue to give her food at meals and then don’t make a big deal out of it when she doesn’t eat it. Although…I would probably get to the point where I’d be irritated that I was wasting all the food she’s licking, so I’d probably be giving her smaller portions than usual, heh. 🙂

    And then when she DOES eat something, don’t make a big deal of it either, but praise her quietly, like, “I see you enjoyed the mashed potatoes today, you must have been hungry.”

    And maybe offer her something weird like pickle juice or lemon juice. 😉 Good luck!

  2. Yes, what Bethany said. I’d add that if you think she’s doing this to get attention, give her some attention at other times – I’ve noticed with Noah that sitting down to play with him for 5 minutes works wonders.
    Hang in there – these kids are a mystery sometimes!

  3. NOTHING. I’m not sure if I should involve a doctor or not. She’s starting to lose weight. She’ll just LICK through her meals and completely refuses dinner at this point. We’ll make her sit with us but sometimes it’s difficult to even get her to do that.

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