Here is Pix.  She is doing so very well.  My quiet little baby is turning into this giggly, girlie, social little monkey.  She has made so many friends at school.  She has a parade of children who walk her to the end of the school yard as we walk home everyday after school.  Yet!  When we show up at school and all her friends run up to say hello, she just burrows her head in my hip or stares blankly back at them.  Frozen in fear, ha!  Luckily, this doesn’t keep her from participating in all the fun school stuff.  She even got her first invite to a classmate’s birthday party.  It’s at a miniature golf place, something Pix has never done.  I think we’re going to have a lot of fun 🙂

Along with all the talk of being a princess and loving pink, Pink, PINK!  Pix is starting to like to shop for clothes.  This morning Fish and I took her and Sprite to Target to pick up a new rug for the living room.  Pix was eyeing all the clothes in the clothing department.  She picked out a very flashy pink top with glitter and gave Fish the doe eyes, asking if she could please get the shirt.  Fish really needs to step up his game.  He didn’t even try to say no.  Of course, once Sprite caught on to what was going on she had to get one too.  Poor Fish.

We’re having lots of fun with our little Mighty Mite.  I wish I could bottle up this age and keep it forever.





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