T Shirts

This weekend the girls were into coloring.  Color, color, color!!  I printed coloring pages off of the internet.  Clarabelle found some pages on her own.  One of them was a really cute cat character that each of us colored.  I was inspired to put our art on t-shirts.

Here is Pix’s rainbow calico cat…

Ignore the strange light shining on the shirt.

Then I was inspired.   I’ve been wanting a shirt with the Peep characters on it forever.  Now that I can fit my chest into a t-shirt without being really self conscious, the idea of making one of these shirts was really exciting for me.  First, I wanted to make them for the kiddos.  Clarabelle has to wear a yellow shirt on Mondays.  It’s part of a “Character Counts” program.  Yellow is the symbol for respect, which is the character that they are being taught this month.

I decided to dress up CB’s shirt first.

I also made one for Pix and myself.  I haven’t made a shirt for Sprite yet.  She hasn’t decided what she wants on her shirt yet.

I’m planning on making Fish an Appa shirt.

Also, by the end of this week, I’m hoping to have a family update completed.  It’s been a while since I’ve written about all the goings on around here.


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