Chips Fall Where They May

I wanted to share a simple recipe for a delicious tortilla chip but something happened earlier that I feel the need to share.

I had just started dinner and was in the middle of preparing a roux for a casserole.  I was trying to keep my flour from burning, while adding broth to the saucepan, when I heard Sprite screaming from the bedroom.  She had just run in and shut the door seconds prior.  I was going to go to investigate within a few minutes.  I shouted to Fish who was watching TV to run and help Sprite.  I didn’t think that she was in any serious danger, as there isn’t much left in the girls’ room, other than beds and a dresser.  As he was running down the hallway I hear a scream from Sprite that was very alarming.  I ran down the hall and walked in on Fish trying to get the girls’ dresser off of Sprite’s legs.  All the drawers were out and she was trying with all her might to scramble out from under.

I freaked out.  I probably scared Sprite more than helped her, but furniture falling on kids is one of my biggest fears.  We use the safety brackets to hold furniture to the walls, but I guess Fish forgot to re-install them after I had moved the room around.  We are so lucky, Sprite is absolutely fine.  Her legs took the impact but she must have been at a good angle to avoid any major injury.  My life has been shortened by a few years at least.

So, on to happy happy.  Tortilla chips!  I love the simplicity of tortilla chips, but I hate when people mess up such a simple thing.  I’ve had some bad tortilla chips in my day and it baffles me as to how you can mess up such lovely goodness.  IDIOTS!  In my early 20’s I stumbled across a very yummy tortilla chip.  I was getting a shake at the Shake Shack off of PCH (now owned by Ruby’s which is kind of a boo, not because I hate Ruby’s but I hate the loss of another true mom and pop establishment), when I noticed these tortilla chips in small clear crinkly cellophane bags.  The logo on the bag looked interesting so I decided to try them.  They were delicious!  They had a taste like no other chip I’d had before.  I was trying to figure out what the unique flavor was coming from.  Could that be soy sauce?  I read the ingredients.  Yes, it was soy sauce!  The name of the chip was Have’A Corn Chips.  They are a little pricey and if you don’t get a fresh bag they aren’t as good. SO, I decided to make my own!

Tortilla Chips

Soy Sauce

Lime Juice (fresh)

salt, if you really like salty chips

Quarter tortilla chips and fry to a crisp, lay on paper towels to drain excess oil.  As soon as you take chips out of oil lightly drizzle the soy sauce on the chips, you’ll hear a sizzle, then squeeze lime juice onto the chips.  You can make as many or as little as you want.  I keep stacking the batches on top of each other.  The chips at the bottom are stronger, maybe even more delicious.

Very simple, not even a recipe, but yummy all the same.


2 thoughts on “Chips Fall Where They May

  1. Dresser or any heavy furniture falling on the kids is one of my fears too. Especially when they were in the climbing stage. Glad Sprite is okay!

    Those chips sound good. I might have to try them.

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