In an effort not to fill Twitter up with a bunch of tweets of my sadness I thought I would just put it here.  I’m sad.  BLUE.  ick.

I keep missing something from the past.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Just a feeling, a smell, a memory.  Nothing tangible.  When I was in my teens I used to miss the smell of my preschool teacher.  I think it was me missing the easier times of being a little kid with no responsibilities.

Nowadays I miss old apartments, the weather on a certain day, my grandmother’s perfume.  The past.  It’s not even that the present sucks.  It’s actually really awesome in many ways.  Life is good, but maybe more complex than I can handle on a daily basis.  More people to care for, more responsibilities to juggle.  Just more.

Being an adult is hard at times.  I’m the mom, so I need to make a lot of the rules.  I’m not a rule maker.  I love to follow rules, but I’m not good at making them.  It’s tiring.

I know this will pass, probably when my pounding headache goes away.


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