Daring to Dream

One night Fish and I were watching TV.  I don’t remember what we were watching but orchestra music was playing.  I asked Fish, “If my life long dream was to play cymbals in an orchestra would you help me fulfill that dream?”  He laughed and agreed that, of course, he would have to help me make it happen.

This lead to a conversation of how funny it would be if I ever did play cymbals in an orchestra.  I’d be on a platform behind everyone with my cymbals up in the air, a stupid grin on my face, just waiting for my moment.  The anticipation swelling, I can barely wait…..*CLASH*  *CLASH*  *CLASH*  My back arched, chin thrust upward as I gave those cymbals everything I had. heh.

Now whenever we hear cymbals in music I “air cymbal” and we laaaaaugh and laaaauugh.  It’s a beautiful thing.


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