Finding A Doctor

This is probably the most important decision when it comes to plastic surgery (or any surgery for that matter).  I needed to be completely comfortable with my doctor.  I was going to this person with one of my most personal problems.  Something that I was very embarrassed about.

I knew that I wouldn’t be comfortable with a male plastic surgeon.  I couldn’t have a man looking at my breasts and judging their sad state without walking out of his office completely humiliated.  I’d seen enough plastic surgery related shows with male doctors and I just never liked their demeanor.  I’m sure that there are male doctors NOT on TV that I could warm up to, but I wasn’t interested in dealing with my psyche in order to get plastic surgery.  Especially when there are so many wonderful female surgeons to choose from.

I was very happy with the surgeon I found online.  I liked what she had written on her website and I was also impressed with the fact that she did a lot of reconstructive surgery for cancer survivors.  I thought that if someone was in that line of work, they would be very detail oriented.

Another factor I considered was location.  If the kids were older I probably wouldn’t have thought as much about this, but I didn’t want to be hours away, in surgery, away from them.  Maybe this is a silly consideration, but it was important to me.

I found my doctor.  Next was the initial consultation.  THAT is the beginning of the knitty gritty and could possibly be quite an entertaining read.  Will continue soon…


4 thoughts on “Finding A Doctor

  1. Man, you’re drawing this out and making it EXCITING and SUSPENSEFUL! Who knew a boob reduction could be so entertaining!?

    …oh, wait. We already knew that. We’ve been drawing entertainment from it for months now. Ha! 🙂

  2. I promise, you will NOT be disappointed with the consultation story. It is probably the funniest part of the whole process 😛

  3. REDUCTION. ha! You have no idea how many people have asked me to bring a doggy bag of boob home for them to use on themselves 😛

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