pit stop

I was going to say I’m so blue lately, but nobody wants to read about that.  It will be gone and back again.  I just need to learn to live with is.

How about I tell you how much Pixie and Clarabelle are enjoying school?  How Clarabelle has re-established all her past school friendships and made new ones in these early weeks of school?  This is one thing that does NOT make me blue.  Since CB has had things to work through, like OCD and anxiety,  I was always afraid how how this would affect her socially.  Let’s face it, it’s hard for “normal” kids to get through the ins and outs of the school social scene.  I was afraid that maybe one of CB’s classmates would catch on to her struggles and throw it in her face.  I have to say that we’ve had a lot of luck with some really good kids at school.  We did have one incident during the Book Fair that I need to share, but other than that, the kids seem to get along pretty well.

Then there is Pix.  What a funny kid.  She has had a taste of 3 hours a day of straight entertainment and fun from her teachers.  I’m boring now.  We always knew that Pix was made for school.  She loves order and rules.  She has a great attention span and a strong attention to detail.  I don’t know where she gets this.  I’m a whirlwind of disorganization.  Although, I do remember being a lot like Pix as a kid.  Hopefully she keeps her good traits for longer than I have.

Then there is the effect of school on Molly.  I think she loves and hates that her sisters leave her.  I’m sure she loves the extra attention from Fish and I.  We take her on errands and have lunch with her everyday, just the three of us.  She hams it up for us.  Then there are those moments when she cries to go to the playground at school when I’m leaving with Pixie.  If I could afford it, I’d have her in school too, but I can’t justify the cost, so she’s stuck with me.


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