Just Breathe

First, I have to say that Pixie had a wonderful time at her Preschool Open House.  She played with pretty much every toy in the classroom, read books, met her teachers, walked away from me and played with her new classmates, didn’t shed a tear.  Hopefully she’ll do just as well when I’m not with her.  I have high hopes.

I guess all my fretting exhausted me.  By afternoon I went to lay down for a little while.  Fish joined me 5 minutes after I got into bed and he started stretching and yawning.  I told him that he’s such a mouth breather that I try not to think about the fact that, by the end of a night, I’m probably stuck breathing nothing but Fish breath.  Heh.  Fish breath.  He started to laugh and told me that maybe we should put a plant in the room.  “It would be the happiest plant in the whole world”.  I answered, “With all your breathing it would be the biggest badass plant on earth!”


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