Mood Swings

I was going to try to write about recovery but one paragraph just winded me.  I guess all I can say right now is that I go from feeling fantastic, to feeling just plain miserable, physically.  I have moments where I’m happy and content and then spiral into feeling completely and utterly alone.   EVEN THOUGH, I am surrounded by my loving family.  There are headaches and dizziness.  Then, there are other times that my meds make me feel like I’m in a warm fuzzy cocoon.  Recovery is a trip.  I’ll be glad when it’s behind me.


5 thoughts on “Mood Swings

  1. I remember when my mom had surgery last year, she had a similar experience. She’d be feeling relatively fine for a little while, and then WHAM, out of nowhere she’d be hit with pain or dizziness or whatever. It’s all part of the process, though, your body’s way of telling you to TAKE IT EASY

  2. Um, didn’t mean to post that yet…so I guess I’ll finish my sentence and my comment here.

    …TAKE IT EASY and then you can heal. So be patient, it will all be behind you soon enough. 🙂

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