I Survived!

I made it through surgery and I’m slowly recovering.  Friday and Saturday were kind of rough.  Today I’m feeling a little bit better.  I was even able to play with the kids for about 5 minutes today, which is a big deal!  Tomorrow I go back to the doc so she can see if I’m healing OK.  Saturday night I would have said, no way, I’m healing horribly.  I thought I had fever and I generally felt terrible.  It must have broken in the middle of the night, because today I’ve felt much more functional, and the constant headache and feverish feeling has subsided.

Fish has been AMAZING.  He’s slept on the couch for the past two night for fear of bumping into me.  I told him I miss him too much so we’ll sleep together tonight.  He’s taken care of the girls.  My parents had Sprite and Pixie all day Friday and Saturday.  I missed them so much.  Fish agreed that we’d rather have them home with us.  He’s been taking care of all their needs and even got himself soaked helping me wash my hair in the shower.  I can’t take a shower until my bandages are changed so I sat outside the shower while he stood in the shower washing my hair.  That really helped me feel a lot better.

Surgery was a trip!  I really don’t remember going under at all.  The anesthesiologist said he was putting valium in my IV and the the next thing I new the nurse was prodding me awake.  I thought she was getting ready to take me to surgery, but it had already been done!  She kept telling me how good I looked and said I looked like a 12 year old.  That made me laugh.  I should be knocked out more often.

Tomorrow I have my follow up appointment.  Hopefully everything is where it should be.


4 thoughts on “I Survived!

  1. Glad you made it through okay and are starting to feel better. The first few days after surgery are the hardest. You want to be up and moving at least a little bit but you feel just so darn crummy. Some of it probably has to do with the anesthesia meds clearing your system – not to mention the whole cut open thing.

    And yay for Fish helping to wash your hair, that is so sweet.

  2. I’m so glad it’s only two days post-op and you’re already feeling better! I’m sure the hair-washing had something to do with that. 🙂 I know having dirty hair always makes me feel worse than I really feel.

    Um…imagine that last sentence was coherent, please.

    Keep recovering! Can’t wait to see you guys and hang out with you!

  3. 1. Less boobage – good.
    2. Clean hair – good.
    3. Recovering well – good.
    So… does it hurt you to laugh? (Please say no… please say no… please say no…)

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