It’s been brought to my attention that I have neglected this blog for a week.  Thank you Bethany 🙂  Once you finish reading you’ll probably wished I stayed away a week more.

I’ve been doing all sorts of pre-surgery nesting.  I’ve been mopping and cleaning and laundering.  I’m hoping to get the house in as much order as possible so I can recover without worrying about how messy my house looks.  I’d like to talk more about THE PROCEDURE, but when I think about it too much all that comes to mind is stitches in very sensitive areas that I don’t want to think about right now.

I can tell you that I love my doctor.  She is very nice and answered all my question, even the stupid ones, without making me feel rushed.  She even gave me a hug at the end of our last visit.  Maybe because I told her that I tend to really freak out before any sort of procedure, but I do it silently so I won’t disrupt her office or anything.  Who says that???

OH!  Pixie is 100% rash free.  I can’t believe that we have been dealing with a rash for almost a month.  She had been on another medicine for about a week and there was marked improvement but then the rash started to come back again.  I ran to the store and bought every ointment I could find to relieve her discomfort.  Of course, the only person at the register was a teenage boy who raised his eyebrows to my cart full of Vagisil, Cortaid, Lotrimin EXTRA STRENGTH, and Benedryl.  Whatever kid, just ring me up, STAT!  I was able to knock out the rest of the rash with a mixture of Cortaid and Lotrimin.

I need to share my mammogram adventure.  Have any of you had one?  It is a trip and a half!


3 thoughts on “Ketchup

  1. Do share your mammogram adventure. I just scheduled my first one for next week. So give it to me sister, the bad & the ugly (because seriously what can be good about having your teats smooshed by a giant Xerox machine?)

  2. My girls call it a boob squish. I’ve never had one, but sue has had a few.

    Things will feel so much lighter after your surgery.

    Sorry couldn’t help it.

    I’m glad that pixie is better. I know how hard rashiness is on a kid.

  3. Glad to hear you have conquered the rash and kicked its butt!
    Would love to hear about your adventures with the mammogram!

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