I’d like to write more about my day of doctors but right now it’s not in me.  Pixie is still sick.   Her rash was clearing up nicely by Friday but late last night/early this morning she woke to tell me she was itchy and it’s back in full force.  She also has an all over body and face rash that she says doesn’t itch.  I don’t know if it’s from the medicine, if it’s part of what she had in the first place or what?

I’m bothered and stressed.  Irrationally and ridiculously stressed.  I know this is nothing horrible or life threatening.  I just have a problem with rashes and other skin issues.  I can deal with fevers, vomiting, the runs, but rashes send me reeling.  If I want to be really analytical and psycho babble about this, it definitely stems from my childhood.  I had horrible eczema and other ailments with my skin.  I never had to deal with acne though.   I guess I deserved a break by puberty.  I could never go barefoot in the summer.  If I did decide to risk ditching my shoes, I would have to suffer days of the bottoms of my feet cracking open and bleeding.  I can still remember the pain of the rough edges of my skin getting snagged on my bedding.  Wearing socks to bed during the summer sucks.

So that is the baggage that I carry that is causing me to go through my day in a cloud of stress.  I’ll be calling the doctor tomorrow morning.


6 thoughts on “Deflated

  1. Aww, poor Pixie! I hope it’s nothing serious and is easily cleared up. Itchy rashes (especially in that area) are NO FUN.

    I’m sorry it is traumatizing you, too. It sounds like you have good reasons for being traumatized. I would have hated having to wear shoes all summer long. I actually have a friend who was severely allergic to grass and she would break out in an itchy eczema-type if it came in contact with her skin. She had to wear socks and shoes and in allergy season she had to wear long pants and long sleeves at all times. Funnily, she never had acne as a teenager either–like you, she has gorgeous skin. 🙂

    I never had eczema or rashes, but I started breaking out when I was TEN and had fairly serious acne till I finally did a round of Accutane in my mid-20s. That was its own kind of sucky, because it cleared up my acne but dried all my skin out so badly that every few days I’d have such severe itching I couldn’t put clothes on for about two hours after showering. The itching was actually PAINFUL it was so acute. Ugh. I’m shuddering just thinking about it.

    So anyway. I understand hating rashes!

  2. Skin issues are so strange, and when you have to deal with any of them, it’s awful isn’t it? Dry itchy skin, definitely THE WORST.

    I’m hoping that a call back to the doc will get us some answers and maybe something better to rid Pix of this awful rash.

  3. I’m sure you’ve thought of this – but have you changed any soaps, shampoos, or laundry detergents lately?

    Or maybe a new lotion?

    I’ve fought acne since 10ish, my feet are so dry, and I have dandruff/dry scalp. Poor Adam has exzema issues AND acne… skin issues SUCK!

  4. I’ve been trying to go over possible causes. I did get a new bubble bath but it’s J&J baby bath. I think the problem is the fact that Pix insists on sleeping with her favorite blanket every night, it’s heavy and acrylic yarn. The doc said that it’s probably the perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacteria (dark, hot, moist). I’m soaking Pix in baking soda water and slathering a ton of nystatin on every night just before bed.

    I’ll be glad when this is all over with!

  5. Does the J&J baby bath have ANY fragrance or dyes in it? If so, then it could still be the culprit.

    I assume you’ve washed the favored blanket in HOT water + detergent a couple of times? Also, if she’s got a yeast infection feed her lots of yogurt, preferably the kind without a lot of added sugar!

  6. I’m going to check for fragrance/dyes right now! Washed blanket. Got a big vat of organic vanilla yogurt with low sugar. Audrey seems to like it. I need to remember to give it to her more often though.

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