I was going to continue with the current THEME of my blog as of late and go through all my anxiety about the mammogram I need to undergo tomorrow but my big toe hurts so badly I cannot.

You see, earlier today, Fish and I were having one of our ridiculous conversations.  I can’t even remember how it started, but it ended with Fish challenging me to kick him in the face.   He was convinced that my short stature would prevent me from reaching his face, but I knew I could do it.  I even moved to an area where I thought I would have enough room to plant my toe into his eye socket, but instead, my toe slammed into the side of the couch and I fell to the ground, crying in pain.

I now have a black toe.  I can’t tell if it is sad or angry.


4 thoughts on “IDIOT!

  1. hahahaha He challenged you! I’m sorry, I’m not laughing. Anymore. And it was mostly from him challenging you, not you kicking the couch. If the couch didn’t decide to step in the middle of things I’m sure you would’ve gotten him.

    Is it the same angry toe as before? Or did you piss off the other one so it wouldn’t feel left out. When/if you go to the doctor, are you going to tell him you were trying to kick your husband in the face?

    I would love to see the doctors’ face afterwards.

  2. I’ve kicked The Husband in the head many a time. Keeps them in check. Sorry about your toe… you clearly need more practice. 😉

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