My Little Princess

I’m taking a break from the Boob A Palooza to write about Pixie today.  She really melts me heart, that one.  On Saturday just before bath time Pixie told me that she was itchy in her private area and I noticed that she was a little red and inflamed.  Right away I thought it was a yeast rash, so I treated it with a mixture of lotrimin and cortaid, this mix always worked in the past for Pixie.  I didn’t see any improvement the next day so I switched to Nystatin, NOTHING.  It was getting increasingly red, but the itching would come and go.  Bring on all the home remedies I could think or or have done in the past.  Poor Pixie, her skin was starting to break down and anything I tried was causing her discomfort.  I was hoping that by yesterday all would be better, because I had my appointment.  I thought it was lessening in intensity, but by today, it was back to full force.

I called the doctor’s office and they squeezed Pix in this afternoon.   I need to make more time to do things with just her.  Even though it was the doctor’s office, she was so excited to be with me alone, without her two sisters who always steal the show.  She giggled and laughed as we read magazines together in the waiting room.  She asked me to draw pictures on the paper “blanket” that she covered herself up with while we waited for the doctor and when our visit was done, she asked the doctor if I could finish reading a story to her before we left the exam room.  This truly tickled the doctor, she said ABSOLUTELY and she was very happy that Pixie loved to read so much.

After the doctor’s we went to Target to get her medicine.  The doctor wanted to treat it as a yeast/bacterial infection with the appropriate medicines in order to get relief to Pixie as soon as possible.  While we waited for the medicine we shopped for some things that we needed.  If there was a color choice for any item, it had to be pink.  I have pink dish soap and a can of pink labeled cat food, along with a pink cleaning brush.

Later, back at home, Pixie was feeling a little better after her bath and she asked if she could sing to me.  I asked her if I could tape her song and she obliged.


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