Fun Bags

I wonder if I can come up with enough boob titles to last until MY SURGERY, that is going to happen on Friday the 13th!!! Woohoo!!!  I am so freakin’ excited.  I can’t even explain the excitement I’m feeling.  I was trying to explain to Fish how much this operation would mean to me when it finally hit me.  My boobs are his braces.  We’ve both wanted to fix our situations for a long time and are both so happy to be doing so now.

I have to thank Fish for all his support in this decision.  Since I don’t have any insurance, he’s giving up a motorcycle that he’s been wanting for quite a while.  He even did all his testing and classes to get a proper motorcycle license.  Not to mention, he’s losing out on some big bazongas.  If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Do you want to hear the knitty gritty?  Or would you like to be in a haze of blissful ignorance in regards to this story?  Like, would it make your day to know that within 30 seconds of being walked into the doctor’s office I had to strip down and have my picture taken with all sorts of flash bulb light thingies going off all around me?  I’m starting to learn that sometimes, when you really want something in life, modesty just flies right out the window.  Actually, it’s more like that scene from Goldfinger when that plane window gets shot open and that massively fat dude, (Auric Goldfinger himself!) just gets sucked out of that teeny tiny window.  THAT is a lot how the whole modesty thing worked for me today.  One giant THWWWUUUP!


18 thoughts on “Fun Bags

  1. “My boobs are his braces.” I could misinterpret that in so many ways… which makes me love it so much!
    I’m so happy for you! Please let me know if you’d like me to come and help you with anything during recovery. I’ll bring my toddler – he’s sure to be extremely helpful. 😛 (But really – I’d love to help!)

  2. You know what’s funny? When I was telling Troy how you were getting this surgery, I TOTALLY explained it to him as, “Well, now that they’re in a place where they’re a bit more financially comfortable and the kids aren’t babies, they’re doing some things they’ve wanted to do for a while–like, Fish got braces, and Madge is getting breast-reduction surgery.”

    Here is my big selfish question: since you’re getting this surgery done about ten days before we’re probably flying to California, are you going to be up to doing fun stuff by the time I get there!!? 🙂 If you need to retract your invitation for us to come stay there, I will totally understand! Recovering from surgery is NOT easy-breezy and the last thing you probably will want to do is be a hostess. I don’t really know exactly what we’re doing and when yet, anyway. I should probably start figuring that out.

  3. You are so kind. I think I have everything covered. My mom and I have devised this very intricate plan to keep the children away from me, LOL.

  4. Honestly, YOU were the first person I though of when scheduling my surgery! I think I’ll be good to go. The worst of the recovery is during the first week. After that I should be able to start functioning again.

  5. Ahhh, everyone beat me to the good comments 😛

    I’ll just go giggle in a corner now.

    YAY for smaller boobies! Oop, guys everywhere just started crying and don’t know why HA!

  6. You guys are KILLING me, hahaha. I better get all the laughs out NOW because I won’t be so jolly after surgery.

  7. I’m having a good laugh over all the sadness, haha. Who knew boobs could be so much fun? LOL

  8. Aw, I’m honored that you thought of me when scheduling your boob surgery. Uh, that sounds weird but you know what I mean. 😉

    I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to shamelessly talk about boobs so much lately. It’s like a practice run for when this baby is born and I’ll be talking about my boobs all the time in relation to breastfeeding.

  9. YES!!! This is like the ramp up to the talking of the boobs!!! hahahaha We can just be all boobs all the time, LOL.

  10. Just when I thought I could not laugh any more about the BOOBS, Bethany has proven me wrong, HAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. Hehehehehe. Heee. Har, har. Hardeehar. Heee hee heeee. Heh.
    Phew. Haha. Ahem.
    Okay, I think I got that out of my system.

  12. I feel that I need to get in on the action and talk about boobs a bit.
    I really think boobs, like other female mechanisms, should be an optional add on when you need/want them. You know, mostly for babies, sometimes for other stuff. We really are designed in a bad way aren’t we?

    Now that your surgery is going ahead I will get a wriggle on and make that CD for you so that you have some Harry Potter to keep you company while you are recovering.
    (I just wish the online option had worked as my brain imagined it would.)

    Feel free to talk about boobs any time you wish. Apparently I need to be used to this stuff, as nurses will at some point, have to see boobs.

  13. What Bethany said made me giggle….because I almost typed something similar myself, not realising she had already done so.

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